Scarlett stuff

Mulling it over,1 I think Scarlett is already starting to develop portentous characteristics. Whatever she wants to do, with a brief interlude of frustration, she will do.

What I mean and am trying to convey is that she seems to be reaching daily milestones; everyday she just seems to get better at another thing: grasping, grabbing, talking, waving, saying “Hahhhhh”, crawling, pulling herself up2; playing, really playing, with Mac instead of merely getting rolled over and so on and on. That she is attempting so many things all at once makes it hard to grasp exactly how much development is going on.

Some days I just stare at her and watch her brain get bigger right before my eyes.

For most part Scarlett is not a crying baby, but she is still loud.3 Most of her screams are from sheer frustration whenever she falls down from standing up on her own. So what happens is she will pull herself up on the ottoman and then try to reach up further and climb up on it, when suddenly her trunk starts to jig-jag about as the momentary orchestra of synapses and muscles, that had successfully gotten her up on ottoman her, decide to take five and leave Scarlett high and dry and untethered. Soon the the wild trunk oscillation will overpower her little hands’ death grips on the ottoman and she will come crashing down and let out a peel of pure cheesed offishness.

  1. I have decided that I need to get this post up as by the time I think it’s finished, it will be way out of date. []
  2. more on that later here []
  3. see previous post []