Scarlett stuff

Mulling it over,1 I think Scar­lett is already start­ing to devel­op por­ten­tous char­ac­ter­is­tics. What­ev­er she wants to do, with a brief inter­lude of frus­tra­tion, she will do.

What I mean and am try­ing to con­vey is that she seems to be reach­ing dai­ly mile­stones; every­day she just seems to get bet­ter at anoth­er thing: grasp­ing, grab­bing, talk­ing, wav­ing, say­ing “Hah­h­h­hh”, crawl­ing, pulling her­self up2; play­ing, real­ly play­ing, with Mac instead of mere­ly get­ting rolled over and so on and on. That she is attempt­ing so many things all at once makes it hard to grasp exact­ly how much devel­op­ment is going on.

Some days I just stare at her and watch her brain get big­ger right before my eyes.

For most part Scar­lett is not a cry­ing baby, but she is still loud.3 Most of her screams are from sheer frus­tra­tion when­ev­er she falls down from stand­ing up on her own. So what hap­pens is she will pull her­self up on the ottoman and then try to reach up fur­ther and climb up on it, when sud­den­ly her trunk starts to jig-jag about as the momen­tary orches­tra of synaps­es and mus­cles, that had suc­cess­ful­ly got­ten her up on ottoman her, decide to take five and leave Scar­lett high and dry and unteth­ered. Soon the the wild trunk oscil­la­tion will over­pow­er her lit­tle hands’ death grips on the ottoman and she will come crash­ing down and let out a peel of pure cheesed offishness.

  1. I have decid­ed that I need to get this post up as by the time I think it’s fin­ished, it will be way out of date. []
  2. more on that lat­er here []
  3. see pre­vi­ous post []