An update of MAC

Nov. 9th2008

I have been accused of basi­cal­ly doing noth­ing but blog­ging about Scar­lett and kind of let­ting Mac play sec­ond fid­dle. This is sort of true in that what has been pub­lished on this blog has been most­ly Scar­lett cen­tered, but I have record­ed stuff and tried to write about mac, and I have to dig the stuff up and bring it up, but there much going on now.

Mac has been count­ing and has been singing his ABCs, but most­ly he is count­ing and is start­ing to say thank you after he gets some­thing, but most­ly it sounds like a Brook­ly­nese “Tanks”, or says “woooowwww” when­ev­er he is pre­sent­ed with some­thing real­ly good to eat. He now under­stands what choco­late is.

He of course has got­ten so much hard­er to man­age and there are days when he will not fol­low a sim­ple command.

Next up How mac says no, ie What Scar­lett is going to learn, adept and use more effec­tive­ly in the future.