An update of MAC

Nov. 9th, 2008

I have been accused of basically doing nothing but blogging about Scarlett and kind of letting Mac play second fiddle. This is sort of true in that what has been published on this blog has been mostly Scarlett centered, but I have recorded stuff and tried to write about mac, and I have to dig the stuff up and bring it up, but there much going on now.

Mac has been counting and has been singing his ABCs, but mostly he is counting and is starting to say thank you after he gets something, but mostly it sounds like a Brooklynese “Tanks”, or says “woooowwww” whenever he is presented with something really good to eat. He now understands what chocolate is.

He of course has gotten so much harder to manage and there are days when he will not follow a simple command.

Next up How mac says no, ie What Scarlett is going to learn, adept and use more effectively in the future.

Quick Update

  1. Mac went to his first breakfast with the “guys.” He had some toast and OJ while one of the guys showed him that the wait staff would keep on bringing him as many crayons as he wanted.

  2. Scarlett has essentially started walking. It took maybe 3-4 days for her to get the hang of it and now it has already become her preferred mean of locomotion. Unfortunately, it has not slowed her down one bit, which was our hope.

Right now, I have put them both to sleep. Jenn and her crew are working on finishing the bamboo flooring before Fat Tony has to go back to Portland. With a great deal of luck, the kids will soon be asleep;they aren’t nappers, them two.

  1. Mac continues to learn quickly. He is mimicking my actions and words almost immediately. This continues to make me nervous as just earlier this morning, while I was driving, I was on the phone with Jenn and I keep thinking I was hearing an echo, so I look back and Mac is repeating word for word, inflections intact, everything I was saying to Jenn and when I looked back at him, he simply laughed and said, “I don’t know.”

  2. Scarlett continues on her own path of healthy skepticism. I had taken Mac and Scarlett to this morning’s breakfast group. She met some male strangers and gave them all her patented icy look of indifference until, after a few minutes of hard wheedling by the guys, they broke her ice and she started smiling and flirting. I suppose this is a good thing and portends well for her future relationship with men.