Potty Training Day

Feb 25, 2009: I just learned that tomorrow we are going to attempt to use the “Potty training in a day” method on Mac. Any advice?

Feb 26,2009 ~*8:30am: Scarlett & I are at breakfast. Jenn&Mac r doing some sort of CIA torture training session to get him potty trained in a day.

Feb 26, 2009 ~11am: We’re potty training. By “We” i mean Jenn&Mac. I stand back filming this comic gold, as no one who hasn’t been through it will believe it.

The process is a grueling day long process. It involved Mac not wearing any diapers and just wearing underwear. Every 20 minutes he is taking to the potty and asked if he has to go. If he still has clean underwear at that time, he gets a treat — an M&M in this case —, but if he has an accident, he is taken to ten different locations and at each location he is asked,’where do we go poopie?’ When he says, ‘the potty!’ he is then rushed back to the toilet and has his underwear taken down and he sits on the potty. We then wait to see if he needs to go. If he doesn’t then we go to another location and the same question and answer session begins and then again back to the potty. The cycle is repeated ten times.

We are told it is effective, brutally effective.

I am not up to date on the latest theories of Respondent (Pavlovian) Conditioning, but at least we aren’t keeping him in a cage (ourselves, maybe) but there is something not quite right going on, something sinister … I can’t quite put my finger on it. More thought is required on this. —11:35 am, Feb 26. 2009