I am asked: How is being a dad

It’s hav­ing your view expand­ed log­a­rith­mi­cal­ly and at the same time focused into a nar­row sear­ing laser on what’s impor­tant. It’s both sud­den­ly under­stand­ing things once unfath­omable and com­plete­ly not being able to con­ceive how I could have con­ceived cer­tain notions pre-kids. It’s like the scene from Tron when the main char­ac­ter is hit by a bright white laser and he is instant­ly tak­en apart, dema­te­ri­al­ized bit by bit and then put back togeth­er and every­thing has changed; he is and is not him­self at the same time.

Its hav­ing your head turned inside out and you are no longer in an echo cham­ber of your thoughts about your­self. I don’t know what the oppo­site of solip­sism is but it’s like that. It’s sud­den­ly hav­ing your ego­cen­tric, helio­cen­tric view rup­tured and now wrenched around these tiny, lit­tle things that think for them­selves but are utter­ly and dev­as­tat­ing­ly depen­dent on you.