How Mac is now using language

Mac says “I go to bed and then watch TV.”

We cor­rect him and say, “NO, first you watch TV and then go to bed.”

He replies “Good idea!” and wins yet anoth­er fif­teen minute reprieve to watch TV while we slow­ly fig­ure out we just got conned by a con­sum­mate pro.

Oth­er times he will sneak into our bed­room, crawl into our bed and con­tent­ed­ly hang out with his cup of milk watch­ing day-glo car­toons.1

  1. our lit­tle ston­er seems espe­cial­ly tripped out by Yo Gab­ba Gab­ba! which I don’t think actu­al­ly teach­es any­thing oth­er than what to do at a rave. []