More Developments

Mac is in the full throes of defining himself as a separate body —distinct & individual— by trying to throw, stomp, crush, rip, draw on1 and general mangle every other body/object around him. For the most part, it is easy to anticipate what he is going to do next and circumvent it by hiding the pens, pencils, knives, CDs, books, magazines, remote controls, shoes, opened pop cans, any and all loose cords, laptops, keyboards and computer mice that tend to get disconnected and then dragged around by the cord like Pull-String toys2 &etc. It’s tiring and I have tried it only a few times by myself and so I salute Jenn here, now.

Scarlett on the other is not so easy to anticipate. This is compounded by the fact that she just came up to me and said, “hi dad”3 and while I sit there dumbfounded, she climbs up the ottoman, scrambles onto the dinner tray table, stands up and smiles. Initially I thought her beaming smile meant she was happy about what she just did, but on second thought, I do believe she is showing off. “Look. At. Me.” is exactly what she is thinking. That’s right. At 14 months old, Scarlett is showing off which is as an unanticipated turn of events as Mac looking me in the eye, asking me a question4 and then quickly nodding repeatably, urging me towards the correct answer, which feels like being the center of attention of an extremely persuasive sales man.

ps. if you want to see a photo of scarlett doing the above, let me know.

  1. Catalog: Doors, freshly varnished doors that almost made Jenn cry, door frames, floors, chairs, tables, books, Scarlett and basically anything that isn’t a coloring book. Not to be outdone, Scarlett tends to just grab pens and stab the couch, repeatedly. []
  2. I have a Viagra logo’d computer mouse shaped like a Nascar car that’s a real favorite of theirs. []
  3. “haaa daaa” is what I heard but I tell ya, she’s speaking! []
  4. He usually is inviting me to get some candy that we can share. “We get candy?” followed by quick assertive nods of encouragement and an unbelievably sweet smile. []