quick notes jan 21, 2010


one. Jackson, if he resembles anything, is starting to resemble his older brother. Initially there was some hints that he was looking more like a Whitman/Bradley, but suddenly today, there is something in the shape of his eyes and chin that reminds us of Mac. But what he really looks like is a small wizened man that is mostly all head, the rest—his body,legs, arms—merely being superfluous, not useful, not needed

two. Scarlett’s ability to manipulate me and others keeps increasing, exponentially. I grow more and more concerned that I will soon learn the true power of a Daddy’s Girl. She is not even two and so I can only imagine her at 24. I only hope that my Jedi-mind training will be up to snuff by then.

three. Maconnell’s routine is to start slowly in the morning. Much like his mom, he is comatose and moribund first thing in the morning and really needs his cup of Joe (milk) and at least a half hour of quite reflection while he eats breakfast and catches up on the latest news on MSNBC (Wonder pets), before he can be addressed or spoken to without eliciting a snarl (again much like his mom) but then he will rev up and up throughout the whole day until he is refusing to end the night and go bed. This evening he took off his pajamas and tossed them away and then hid in his play-tent, informing his mother that “I don’t want to put on my pajamas and go to bed.” Strong logic there: No pajamas, no bedtime.