quick notes jan 212010


one. Jack­son, if he resem­bles any­thing, is start­ing to resem­ble his old­er broth­er. Ini­tial­ly there was some hints that he was look­ing more like a Whitman/​Bradley, but sud­den­ly today, there is some­thing in the shape of his eyes and chin that reminds us of Mac. But what he real­ly looks like is a small wiz­ened man that is most­ly all head, the rest—his body,legs, arms—merely being super­flu­ous, not use­ful, not needed

two. Scar­let­t’s abil­i­ty to manip­u­late me and oth­ers keeps increas­ing, expo­nen­tial­ly. I grow more and more con­cerned that I will soon learn the true pow­er of a Dad­dy’s Girl. She is not even two and so I can only imag­ine her at 24. I only hope that my Jedi-mind train­ing will be up to snuff by then.

three. Macon­nel­l’s rou­tine is to start slow­ly in the morn­ing. Much like his mom, he is comatose and mori­bund first thing in the morn­ing and real­ly needs his cup of Joe (milk) and at least a half hour of quite reflec­tion while he eats break­fast and catch­es up on the lat­est news on MSNBC (Won­der pets), before he can be addressed or spo­ken to with­out elic­it­ing a snarl (again much like his mom) but then he will rev up and up through­out the whole day until he is refus­ing to end the night and go bed. This evening he took off his paja­mas and tossed them away and then hid in his play-tent, inform­ing his moth­er that “I don’t want to put on my paja­mas and go to bed.” Strong log­ic there: No paja­mas, no bedtime.