What’s the baby’s name?

Jan 8th 2010 2:23 PM CMT BGKY

Turns out the delivering the baby wasn’t the hard part (for me), but figuring out what to name him is.

It has to be able to stand up and hold it’s own against “Maconnell Enrique” and “Scarlett Liliana.”

Initially, “Gaspacho” seemed to be a strong contender until we realized it’s too close to “gazpacho… the cold Spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup, originating in the southern region of Andalusia.” Unfortunately, this name took root in our relatives in the South and so my dad is now doing damage control, explaining to everyone that we in fact have not named our son after cold soup.

If it were a girl, we were going to go with “Sophia Clara” This was after Jenn’s Grandma and after Sophia Coppola; I’m a big fan of her work especially Marie Antoinette So we combined a bit of La bohème class with some family tradition and got a pretty good one, I think.

But this boy, this boy’s name is tougher and apparently we have to get it named before we leave the hospital in a few days.

“Elizandro” from my Mom’s side (her dad), or “Juan” – my other grandpa’s names. But they just don’t quite flow like the other names. We are investigating family lineage and probably will have to consult genealogical monographs

Any suggestions and or tips are appreciated.

making things ready

Jan. 7th 2010 8:39pm BGKY CMT:

We are making last minute preparations. Dusting the room. Getting the other kids stocked up on food and candy. Preparing the cameras and videocams. Making sure the batteries are charged and the files have been uploaded and ramDisks cleared. Ripping up the porch deck to rescue Emma, the grandparent’s dog who came along for the ride and who managed to wedge herself under the deck in evening, the snow slowly building up and about to entomb her.

Somehow this time around, we haven’t had enough time to make preparations. Seems like we only started today and the big event is tomorrow.

We had out at 5am tomorrow morning for an appointment at 7.