PPP&P part deux

PPP&P part deux :

Because this weekend Mac has essentially declared that he will not poo in the potty and has had at least two very recent mishaps that defy the law of physics (I’ll spare you the details.1 ) and has drawn his Maginot Line in the sand, written in yellow so to speak. The results of our assault are Gallipolian in nature. So, I do want to report that Scarlett, on the other hand, seems to be right on potty-training schedule. She has responded pavlovianly to the lolly-pop bribe, and a time or two now has literally peed on command when reminded what was in it for her.

Needing no bribe, Jackson can always be relied on to pee the moment he is sans couche.

  1. OK, OK, in one he was able to pee in the middle of a furniture store by seemingly spiriting his pee past his pull-ups and shorts in order to create a very large pool of pee on the concrete floor. The second, he again somehow overwhelmed his pull-ups with much less desirable contents and results. []