Soccer meeting

We had our first official soccer meeting for Mac. They organizers had invited the parents to bring out the kids but since the meeting was being held at 7pm, most of the kids were already a bit loopy from staying up past their bedtimes and were glassy-eyed when they first arrived at the fields.

While a dense core of seriously-minded looking parents were closely paying attention to the organizers, a fair percentage of parents were in the periphery minding the kids as they (the kids) slowly got the idea they could kick their soccer balls as hard as they wanted to without any adult really paying any negative attention to them, and so they just took off, running and for the most part kicking the ball in front of them and eventually into the goals.

Mac initially arrived at the fields saying he didn’t know how to or couldn’t kick a soccer ball, but he soon saw the other kids playing and within a few minutes had absconded with some other’s kid ball and ran the length of the field, actually kicking the ball in a determinate fashion and finally getting to the goal and punting it in. It was quite neat to see him do what we had been practicing in the back yard for the past year: Our little bit of dad-tossing-the-ball-with-son schtick.1 Needless to say, Scarlett also was kicking the ball around. We are not exactly sure how we are going to keep her off the field during an actual match; she’s too young to be signed up.

I soon picked up on the fact that these kiddie games would be as much as an excuse for the parents to get out and socialize as it would for the kids. Of course we would enjoy watching our kids at play, but we would also get the enjoy the company of other adults which is extremely limited when smalls kids take up every waking2 hour available. Yes I know I am stating the obvious, but it’s new to me.

  1. Yeah I know I mixing metaphors []
  2. and non-waking []

The Potty Wars: a late update

September 13th 2010.
6:39pm CMT BGKY

It’s been a blur of impressions about how Mac has gone from intransigent soiler to proudly announcing the time and place of his next main event. If he knew how, he would be posting Twitter updates; No, Jenn won’t let me sign him up for a Twitter account.

It is now no mistake to say that the main reason Mac’s potty training took off was that friends visited us for an extended stay and they had 4yr-old Thorsen who was fully potty-trained and wasted no time letting Mac know that he was a big boy because of it. Mac was pretty much trained within a few days. I suspect an instinctual competitiveness was the motivating factor in Mac no longer pausing in midstep or sentence to start breathing funny while his gaze turned inward becoming almost cross-eyed and his face became flushed with urgent concentration/constipation.

So knowing this, we are letting Scarlett know that Blakely, a younger cousin, is now fully1 potty-trained. Given Scarlett’s own competitive streak and if we can trick her into thinking she wants to be potty-trained, this should take no more than a few hours. Yup.

  1. This is not strictly true. Blakely is in the process of being potty trained but we’ll let this ontological subtlety slide. []