New Year’s Day

Heading home from Indiana, we are on a long trip and a 70’s station is on and the kids are in the back all asleep. We’ve been on the road for hours and still have hours to go and the mrs is asleep. I’ve picked the 70’s station because you can feel that people were just trying to relax after those 60’s and somehow knew the 80’s were coming and so it’s sonically a warm, fuzzy place for me to hang out and relax and drive and then I imagine for a moment I’m Everyman on that long ride. I have this experience of actual being—it’s transcendent: I know I’m not the only one who’s been here in this moment nor will I be the last and just for those few minutes that the Eagle’s ‘Already Gone’ plays on radio, I am exactly where I want and was meant to be.

And ABBA, I play a lot of ABBA and hope that it soaks into everyone while they are asleep.