things we know so far

16 April, 2011 @ 15:00, BGKY CMT

Scarlett will inevitably be one of the cools kids. Possessing an intricately rhythmic sense of self, she readily demonstrates the ability to completely blow off authority that is required in the truly hip. If you have seen the recent picture of her on her pink toy-ATV, you will see her already being poised and effortlessly cool.
Ask me to send you a copy, if haven’t seen it.

Apr 24, 2011 @ 12:35 PM EST, Abingdon,VA.


We—jenn and the grandparents and me—are languidly sitting on the porch while Mac tells Scarlett, “Places everybody!” and then instructs that we, the audience, must clap three times, which we do, and then proceeds to perform his one-act, one-scene play of The Dragon1 and The Princess2, which starts out with Mac stomping around, arms raised, as the “terribly angry” dragon while Scarlett the princess giggles, having trouble remaining in character. Like most modernist productions, the play doesn’t end so much as just stop.

April 21, 2011 @ night

Scarlett is purposeful and deliberate when she goes to sleep; one minute she is awake, the next she is cuddled up with her teddy bear, a picture of reposed innocence. As opposed to Maconnell who always looks like he has just lost a fight, knocked out by KO,3 on his back sprawled out, mouth opened, rendered unconscious by forces out of his control, having spent every last iota of fight in him before succumbing to the night.

April 24, 2011, Abingdon, VA @ Late afternoon.

Jack had a rough end to a good visit. Having bumped his head on this and that sharp edge, he then tried to pick up a bumblebee4 and learned quickly that it really hurt. He cried for about a good five minutes while we ran to get some Benadryl, but by the time we got it down him, he was already calm, but still gently cooing poor me, milking all sympathies. Later that same day, he got his fingers partially caught by a closing door, but nothing serious. All in all a rough day but he handled it with aplomb.

  1. played by Mac []
  2. played by Scarlett. duh. []
  3. yes, it’s redundant []
  4. Xylocopa virginica []

Easter Observations

The kids are getting their first real overload of chocolate. We got back last night from another day long flight starting at 4:30am and ending at 8:30pm, so the kids zonked out fast and hard last night, but this morning they are charged up on chocolate eggs and bunnies. Once they realized the candy is for them, they hold it close like poker players holding cards. Chocolate runs down their chins like messy dip chewers, which is perhaps an extreme description but should give you the idea that their salivary glands are working overtime.

Jenn is putting pink butterfly tattoos on their arms and cheeks and they are playing with kaleidescopes which gives this Easter a slightly psychdelic feel.

Normally, they’d be outside Easter egg hunting, but it’s blowing hard again with cold rain. Kind of sucks, really.