Holiday Salutations

12 Dec. 2010, 5:44pm CMT, BGKY

Dear Family:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! (i hope)

Because we must all pull together in our Nation’s time of ‘Austerity’ and yet not appear parsimonious, I was going to scribe each one of you a hand-written note, addressing your individual concerns and wishes. But this requires time for reflection which has not been available to me for some time now, so once again I’ll let loose a blog update in hopes it will make up for the old ink&vellum letters I used to send to you deserving few.

Here are the updates: 1.Maconnell is still refusing to loosen his reign of intransigence. 2.Scarlett is transitioning from Princess to Ballerina Primero. 3.Jackson is successfully negotiating la détente with his siblings. 4.You shall be receiving a conventional daguerréotype of our kids to be conveyed by your indefatigable US Potsage person.

So once again, I apologize but recent attempts to write/send Holiday cards have all failed, e.g, the kids get very interested in doing exactly what Daddy is doing, and soon mayhem and anarchy ensue and the kids have not only written in permanent marker all over the desk, but the stationary is shredded and scattered everywhere like so many snowflakes drifting downward.1

  1. 6:43PM As I finish editing this, there are a whole lot of snowflakes coming down outside our and probably your window too. []