Friday Night in Elkin, NC

20 Oct 2012: 9:10pm

Last night, Scar­lett and I saw a small art show­ing; seemed like most of the town showed up to sup­port the first show­ing of the painter. Scar­lett very much liked the paint­ings, but was even more pleased with the hors d’oeu­vres and that she could help her­self as she pleased. Soon she took up with two oth­er girls, qui­et­ly munch­ing her food, as lady-like as I’ve ever seen. The paint­ings are good and thought-pro­vok­ing and did­n’t imme­di­ate­ly reveal them­selves and deserve to be seen by as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble so go vis­it.1

After­wards we decid­ed to walk down to the Reeves The­ater which was show­ing The Rocky Hor­ror Pic­ture Show. Before the show, there was a dis­cus­sion about whether there was nudi­ty or not and mem­o­ries were fuzzy and hazy since the last time it was actu­al­ly viewed by some was 2025 years ago in Boone which has some­what dif­fer­ent flo­ra and fau­na, so to speak. I wish we could have stayed but it was get­ting way past our bed­times and while it would have been mem­o­rable to see Elkin folk doing the Time Warp, we had to get going.

So we walked past the the­ater and Scar­lett was giv­ing a long, side­ways stare at Riff Raff Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show who was out on the side walk, already wait­ing to wel­come any unini­ti­at­ed Brads or Janets that might stum­ble in. As it was, a group of teenagers were keyed up to see the show and I would have real­ly have liked to have stayed and got­ten their thoughts after show and whether any­thing would would have seemed unusual—let alone shocking—given the movie is now more then thir­ty-five (35!) years old.

The Reeves Ther­ater is play­ing the movie again on Octo­ber 26th at 8pm.

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