Inevitably, it had to happen

that at 5’ish in the morn­ing I felt a steady, unyeild­ing pres­sure at my back caus­ing me to roll out of bed won­der­ing just what was hap­pen­ing, only to find Scar­lett and Mac, com­fort­ably spread out, snooz­ing unper­turbed­ly. I stum­ble down­stairs to find Jenn sip­ping cof­fee and look­ing back in dis­be­lief that our bed has been word­less­ly and silent­ly co-opt­ed in a night-time oper­a­tion wor­thy of Team 6.

sun­day 1:29pm cmt bgky

things we know so far

16 April, 2011 @ 15:00, BGKY CMT

Scar­lett will inevitably be one of the cools kids. Pos­sess­ing an intri­cate­ly rhyth­mic sense of self, she read­i­ly demon­strates the abil­i­ty to com­plete­ly blow off author­i­ty that is required in the tru­ly hip. If you have seen the recent pic­ture of her on her pink toy-ATV, you will see her already being poised and effort­less­ly cool.
Ask me to send you a copy, if haven’t seen it.

Apr 24, 2011 @ 12:35 PM EST, Abingdon,VA.


We—jenn and the grand­par­ents and me—are lan­guid­ly sit­ting on the porch while Mac tells Scar­lett, “Places every­body!” and then instructs that we, the audi­ence, must clap three times, which we do, and then pro­ceeds to per­form his one-act, one-scene play of The Drag­on1 and The Princess2, which starts out with Mac stomp­ing around, arms raised, as the “ter­ri­bly angry” drag­on while Scar­lett the princess gig­gles, hav­ing trou­ble remain­ing in char­ac­ter. Like most mod­ernist pro­duc­tions, the play doesn’t end so much as just stop.

April 21, 2011 @ night

Scar­lett is pur­pose­ful and delib­er­ate when she goes to sleep; one minute she is awake, the next she is cud­dled up with her ted­dy bear, a pic­ture of reposed inno­cence. As opposed to Macon­nell who always looks like he has just lost a fight, knocked out by KO, on his back sprawled out, mouth opened, ren­dered uncon­scious by forces out of his con­trol, hav­ing spent every last iota of fight in him before suc­cumb­ing to the night.

April 24, 2011, Abing­don, VA @ Late after­noon.

Jack had a rough end to a good vis­it. Hav­ing bumped his head on this and that sharp edge, he then tried to pick up a bum­ble­bee4 and learned quick­ly that it real­ly hurt. He cried for about a good five min­utes while we ran to get some Benadryl, but by the time we got it down him, he was already calm, but still gen­tly coo­ing poor me, milk­ing all sym­pa­thies. Lat­er that same day, he got his fin­gers par­tial­ly caught by a clos­ing door, but noth­ing seri­ous. All in all a rough day but he han­dled it with aplomb.

  1. played by Mac []
  2. played by Scar­lett. duh. []
  3. yes, it’s redun­dant []
  4. Xylo­co­pa vir­gini­ca []

Soccer meeting

We had our first offi­cial soc­cer meet­ing for Mac. They orga­niz­ers had invit­ed the par­ents to bring out the kids but since the meet­ing was being held at 7pm, most of the kids were already a bit loopy from stay­ing up past their bed­times and were glassy-eyed when they first arrived at the fields.

While a dense core of seri­ous­ly-mind­ed look­ing par­ents were close­ly pay­ing atten­tion to the orga­niz­ers, a fair per­cent­age of par­ents were in the periph­ery mind­ing the kids as they (the kids) slow­ly got the idea they could kick their soc­cer balls as hard as they want­ed to with­out any adult real­ly pay­ing any neg­a­tive atten­tion to them, and so they just took off, run­ning and for the most part kick­ing the ball in front of them and even­tu­al­ly into the goals.

Mac ini­tial­ly arrived at the fields say­ing he didn’t know how to or couldn’t kick a soc­cer ball, but he soon saw the oth­er kids play­ing and with­in a few min­utes had abscond­ed with some other’s kid ball and ran the length of the field, actu­al­ly kick­ing the ball in a deter­mi­nate fash­ion and final­ly get­ting to the goal and punt­ing it in. It was quite neat to see him do what we had been prac­tic­ing in the back yard for the past year: Our lit­tle bit of dad-toss­ing-the-ball-with-son schtick.1 Need­less to say, Scar­lett also was kick­ing the ball around. We are not exact­ly sure how we are going to keep her off the field dur­ing an actu­al match; she’s too young to be signed up.

I soon picked up on the fact that these kid­die games would be as much as an excuse for the par­ents to get out and social­ize as it would for the kids. Of course we would enjoy watch­ing our kids at play, but we would also get the enjoy the com­pa­ny of oth­er adults which is extreme­ly lim­it­ed when smalls kids take up every wak­ing2 hour avail­able. Yes I know I am stat­ing the obvi­ous, but it’s new to me.

  1. Yeah I know I mix­ing metaphors []
  2. and non-wak­ing []