Recent Vocalizations by Scarlett

Scar­lett has moved on from scream­ing. Thank God.

She used to scream when­ev­er she saw Mac get some­thing (food) and she did­n’t. Now that she is walking—she has giv­en up crawl­ing completely—she will walk towards us, eye­brows arched, arms stretched for­ward and will start to utter urgent “Hey, hey, hey“ ‘s. They don’t exact­ly sound like Mid­west­ern accent­ed “Heys” but—again like her brother—has a Brook­lyn gilt to the vow­els so she sounds like a wise-guy call­ing out to the ladies pass­ing by a con­struc­tion site.

Quick Update On Mac: As I write this, he stands trans­fixed, watch­ing Annie.