Just writ­ing that we trad­ed in our 2012 jeep wran­gler Sahara which marked our start here and upgrad­ed Mac to a 2019 4Runner which I’ve also wanted

Feels like the end and now the start of a new chapter

Old dogs

Bel­la died in March while I was away at a con­fer­ence. Sophie start­ed los­ing weight quick­ly in the last two months. I had a con­fer­ence Oct 1415 and was wor­ried she would die while I was away. She didn’t. In fact she seeemed to get bet­ter and was sit­ting up as usu­al­ly ask­ing for a treat. I gave her a treat. Went to work on some notes and a hour so lat­er, I was told Sophie had died Wednes­day Oct 18th2023

I am amazed and how it seems eas­i­er to cry over a dog dying. The only time I remem­ber my dad cry­ing is when Taru­fo died. When his dad and mom died, he was upset but I nev­er saw a tear. Strange that. I don’t know what to make of that. Even now. But it’s true it seems like cry­ing about you dead dog is eas­i­er. I have no explanation.