Scarlett Squealing

Down­load PDF here Sept. 21, 2008 8:06PM There is almost so much to write about Scar­lett and Macon­nell already I don’t think I’m going to catch up1 so I just thought every­one might want to be pre­pared when they meet Scar­lett again. As you all know, there is a small bet that she will be walk­ing by Thanks­giv­ing, but extrap­o­lat­ing from the avail­able evi­dence, it seems like it might be next week that Scar­lett is tak­ing her first steps and maybe anoth­er week before she is ask­ing to bor­row the car.

I thought Ivan’s kids were loud and nev­er imag­ined that my kids would be so, but Scar­lett has not only exceed­ed expec­ta­tions but can squeal at such a high pitch that for just a few sec­onds it appears that her mouth is open and no sound comes out, but in actu­al­i­ty what has hap­pened is her pitch has gone ultra­son­ic2 for a few sec­onds and then she returns back to earth and fol­lows it with a sur­pris­ing­ly raspy “WHar­rr!“3 The expres­sion at these times is the most inter­est­ing bit: There is not a hint of dis­plea­sure or irri­ta­tion, but more of an open, arched eye­brow, eyes wide open sur­prised look that sug­gests even she is aston­ished by just how much noise she can generate.

At these times, Macon­nell is usu­al­ly doing some­thing4 that has caught our atten­tion which makes me won­der if it isn’t some sort of atten­tion grab­bing maneu­ver she has engi­neered. Usu­al­ly though, Macon­nell is deep into his almost-Tal­mu­dic study of Elmo and all things Elmo, 24 hours a day, but he has def­i­nite­ly dis­cov­ered he has a sis­ter and has com­menced try­ing to stomp, smoth­er, bat on the head with base­ball bat, rip any and all play­things from the fist of, but also will give kiss­es and hugs and pats on the head to his sis­ter, Scarlett.

  1. But not for lack of try­ing, I’m told that I’m already try­ing to pro­vide so much doc­u­men­tary pho­tographs and video, that I have been told to not out­put so much, i.e., look­ing at five pho­tos of the kids is OK once every week or so, but being pre­sent­ed with upwards of 100 to 150 pho­tos of pret­ty much the same exact pose or com­po­si­tion tends to wear thin, I’m told. []
  2. which explains why the dogs already seem a bit cowed by her and lay low when­ev­er she approach­es []
  3. It sounds almost like the Whas­sup! com­mer­cials I was show­ing her, but had no idea she would pick up. You can watch them here Also a good remake is here. []
  4. When he isn’t watch­ing Elmo, he be count­ed on to be try­ing to: 
    • rip the cat’s tail off
    • exit the front door and escape into the front yard
    • reach up and over onto the counter thus demon­strat­ing that there is less and less space that can be con­sid­ered safe
    • climb up and jump off any and all avail­ble seat cush­ions or stair steps that have result­ed in some real­ly amaz­ing crashes
    • on par­tic­u­lar stel­lar days, not only escape out the front door but escape with cars keys
    • throw all the cusions of the couch onto the floor and pro­ceed to eat what­ev­er and I mean what­ev­er he finds under­neath and between the cush­ions. Eecchhh.