Quick Update

  1. Mac went to his first break­fast with the “guys.” He had some toast and OJ while one of the guys showed him that the wait staff would keep on bring­ing him as many crayons as he wanted.

  2. Scar­lett has essen­tial­ly start­ed walk­ing. It took maybe 34 days for her to get the hang of it and now it has already become her pre­ferred mean of loco­mo­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it has not slowed her down one bit, which was our hope.

Right now, I have put them both to sleep. Jenn and her crew are work­ing on fin­ish­ing the bam­boo floor­ing before Fat Tony has to go back to Port­land. With a great deal of luck, the kids will soon be asleep;they aren’t nap­pers, them two.

  1. Mac con­tin­ues to learn quick­ly. He is mim­ic­k­ing my actions and words almost imme­di­ate­ly. This con­tin­ues to make me ner­vous as just ear­li­er this morn­ing, while I was dri­ving, I was on the phone with Jenn and I keep think­ing I was hear­ing an echo, so I look back and Mac is repeat­ing word for word, inflec­tions intact, every­thing I was say­ing to Jenn and when I looked back at him, he sim­ply laughed and said, “I don’t know.”

  2. Scar­lett con­tin­ues on her own path of healthy skep­ti­cism. I had tak­en Mac and Scar­lett to this morn­ing’s break­fast group. She met some male strangers and gave them all her patent­ed icy look of indif­fer­ence until, after a few min­utes of hard wheedling by the guys, they broke her ice and she start­ed smil­ing and flirt­ing. I sup­pose this is a good thing and por­tends well for her future rela­tion­ship with men.