More Developments

Mac is in the full throes of defin­ing him­self as a sep­a­rate body —dis­tinct & indi­vid­ual— by try­ing to throw, stomp, crush, rip, draw on1 and gen­er­al man­gle every oth­er body/​object around him. For the most part, it is easy to antic­i­pate what he is going to do next and cir­cum­vent it by hid­ing the pens, pen­cils, knives, CDs, books, mag­a­zines, remote con­trols, shoes, opened pop cans, any and all loose cords, lap­tops, key­boards and com­put­er mice that tend to get dis­con­nect­ed and then dragged around by the cord like Pull-String toys2 &etc. It’s tir­ing and I have tried it only a few times by myself and so I salute Jenn here, now.

Scar­lett on the oth­er is not so easy to antic­i­pate. This is com­pound­ed by the fact that she just came up to me and said, “hi dad“3 and while I sit there dumb­found­ed, she climbs up the ottoman, scram­bles onto the din­ner tray table, stands up and smiles. Ini­tial­ly I thought her beam­ing smile meant she was hap­py about what she just did, but on sec­ond thought, I do believe she is show­ing off. “Look. At. Me.” is exact­ly what she is think­ing. That’s right. At 14 months old, Scar­lett is show­ing off which is as an unan­tic­i­pat­ed turn of events as Mac look­ing me in the eye, ask­ing me a ques­tion4 and then quick­ly nod­ding repeat­ably, urg­ing me towards the cor­rect answer, which feels like being the cen­ter of atten­tion of an extreme­ly per­sua­sive sales man.

ps. if you want to see a pho­to of scar­lett doing the above, let me know.

  1. Cat­a­log: Doors, fresh­ly var­nished doors that almost made Jenn cry, door frames, floors, chairs, tables, books, Scar­lett and basi­cal­ly any­thing that isn’t a col­or­ing book. Not to be out­done, Scar­lett tends to just grab pens and stab the couch, repeat­ed­ly. []
  2. I have a Via­gra logo’d com­put­er mouse shaped like a Nascar car that’s a real favorite of theirs. []
  3. haaa daaa” is what I heard but I tell ya, she’s speak­ing! []
  4. He usu­al­ly is invit­ing me to get some can­dy that we can share. “We get can­dy?” fol­lowed by quick assertive nods of encour­age­ment and an unbe­liev­ably sweet smile. []