making things ready

Jan. 7th 2010 8:39pm BGKY CMT:

We are mak­ing last minute prepa­ra­tions. Dust­ing the room. Get­ting the oth­er kids stocked up on food and can­dy. Prepar­ing the cam­eras and video­cams. Mak­ing sure the bat­ter­ies are charged and the files have been uploaded and ramDisks cleared. Rip­ping up the porch deck to res­cue Emma, the grand­par­en­t’s dog who came along for the ride and who man­aged to wedge her­self under the deck in evening, the snow slow­ly build­ing up and about to entomb her.

Some­how this time around, we haven’t had enough time to make prepa­ra­tions. Seems like we only start­ed today and the big event is tomorrow.

We had out at 5am tomor­row morn­ing for an appoint­ment at 7.