Updates for Chuck

Turns out it was a good thing to be cut off in the Wilder­ness, cut off from cell­phone use, except for a brief sec­tion when we had cell phone con­tact and Jenn did some quick phone calls while I looked at some amaz­ing rock for­ma­tions called “Gold­en Gate” and it was stun­ning.1 So while in the park, I got to look for a while instead of furi­ous­ly twitter.

I read some his­to­ry on Fort Yel­low­stone which was estab­lished by the army to pro­tect the park and may in fact have been the first envi­ron­men­tal­ists. Appar­ent­ly, the nation­al for­est ser­vice adopt­ed what the army had done and con­tin­ued it’s poli­cies. It’s inter­est­ing to see how aggres­sive Yel­low­stone Park is becom­ing a bios­phere where the more we vis­it, the more peo­ple who come each year, the less you can actu­al­ly touch and feel but just look. It feels like being out­side an enor­mous Plex­i­glas clear dome.

Any­way I have my own per­son­al the­o­ry about the name which I think it is from the sul­fu­ric yel­low rocks formed from he gey­sers but nobody men­tions the rot­ten egg smell accom­pa­ny­ing the sights and sounds.

Any­way, tomor­row we will go see “Old Faith­ful” and head to the Grand Tetons which I think is what I’m real­ly going to enjoy see­ing THIS

note. From my twit­ters it should have been obvi­ous that nei­ther of us knew what to expect so we stopped at every gas and food cen­ter and loaded up with so much food that we would be self-suf­fi­cient for at least three days if we were to be strand­ed, but Yel­low­stone seemed to have gassta­tions and “Gen­er­al Stores” every 20 miles with­in the park itself which was both a dis­ap­point­ment and a relief to me.

  1. Fun­ny thing, just moments before I had been com­plain­ing that I was­n’t see­ing any of that Ansel Adams sh*t and BAM, one minute lat­er I almost lost con­trol of the car as I gaped at sheer cliffs on either side of us. []